Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I just came upstairs after participating a little in Miss Mary's library program for the YMCA after school program kids.  What fun!  I played with some of the dozens of finger puppets the library owns for special programming.  Did you know that we have over 40 puppets you can check out?  They are so neat-o.

Warsaw Public Library Puppet Gallery

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Now I’ll Learn to Read

The beginning of the school year is an exciting time for young children. The earliest years are the time when we concentrate on teaching reading, aiming to have confident readers by Third Grade. Of course, every child has her own schedule. My father loved to tell how when his father tried to get him to learn before he had started first grade, he proudly retorted, “I will larn when I go to skool.”

The library is here to help all readers and those learning to read. Is there something confusing, something you are curious about? Ask your child’s teacher, and ask us. If we don’t have an answer, we’ll try to find one.

Don’t forget to keep reading aloud, and check our Early Reader section.